chuy song

*updated: well…. this one got the boot from youtube.  publishers tend to change minds.  so it goes.*

“a big mustache between two ears that listen” – here’s a remake of  “brother louie” recorded for the chuy campaign

instrumentation: the webstirs
recorded by: matt allison @ atlas studios
vox: metropolly
the “brain” behind the project: rosario nolan

voice-o-graph TMR record

Recording at Third Man Records…

voice-o-graph TMR record.. in a 1947 Voice-o-Graph machine that records up to 2 minutes of audio and dispenses a one-oF-a-kind 6″ phonograph disc was awesome!!!  Oh… were you thinking we did a full length with Mr. White?  #wishfulthinking

Metropolly took a recent trip to Nashville and had to hit up Third Man Records Continue reading