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metropolly does alabama song for murder studios 4th installment.

vol. 4: the DOORS

Metropolly rips into this old time cover & bangs the box o’ strings to echo this classic DOORS take from the 1930 opera Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny…featuring big top beats and Jolly the Chimp.

listen to the full compilation here —->  murder studios inc presents vol 4: the DOORS



April 2014: Metropolly contributed a track to
murder studios vol 3: the cure compilation

If you’re interested in credits and that sort of thing:
vox, keys, guitar, bass – (h)
drums (transported to office to record) – (a)
saxamaphones – andrew boatman
engineered, mixed – (h), (a) at murder studios
mastered by cavestar at CDMS